Niki Kerameus' speech, IHRA Handover Ceremony from Germany to Greece 2021

Minister Kerameus’ speech on the IHRA Handover ceremony

Combating racism, intolerance and anti-semitism is a matter of crucial importance for the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. Raising awareness within the educational community, through seminars and actions for educators and students that shed light on the tragic moments of the Holocaust, is a vital strategy already implemented by the Ministry.

One of the most significant initiatives undertaken within this context is a competition for students. Every year, First and Second Grade High School students from different geographical regions of the country are called upon to participate. This school year, once again, The General Secretariat of Religious Affairs, in collaboration with the Jewish Museum of Greece, are organizing a creative video competition for students that focuses on the Holocaust. The winners will participate in a special program, organized by the Jewish Museum of Greece, that includes an educational visit to the Auschwitz Museum, a visit that is co-financed by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

Last year, 120 students received honors for their contributions and are currently looking forward to visiting the Auschwitz Museum, as soon as COVID-19 travelling restrictions are lifted. The steadily growing number of participations is indicative of the great interest on behalf of the student community to research, learn and broaden perspectives, as well as of the remarkable efforts and unwavering dedication of teachers and educators to support such initiatives towards our common goal, that is to eliminate hatred and intolerance and embrace diversity and equality for all.